About Ruel Morton

534c14c68bc2a_@!@_Ruel Morton at CT Church Houston TXAs the founder and director of Hidden Hunger Global, Ruel Morton uses a direct sales platform to distribute products that save children from preventable deaths. He and his wife Angel offer Nutritives For Kids packs that provide a day’s worth of micronutrients commonly lacking in children’s diets in developing countries. When mixed into food, the nutrient packs help fight disease and malnutrition. Ruel Morton’s company also offers Water For Kids water-purification systems and Nets For Kids insecticide nets.

Ruel Morton has been married to his wife Angel for more than two decades, and they live on a ranch in Hawkins, Texas. Prior to entering the direct sales industry, they owned and operated a manufacturing enterprise for a number of years. Ruel Morton has achieved several distinctions over the past decade, including recognition as a top earner, and he has presided over a business with a down-line network exceeding 400,000 members in 10 countries and generating as much as $300 million in annual revenues.


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